CNET Editors‘ review by: CNET Staff on February 27, 2009 A snap to use and impressive in its simplicity, this free Firefox add-on lets you highlight any address found on a Web site and call up a Yahoo map for it. Map doesn’t create a toolbar icon or have its own interface, but it’s very easy to use. When you find an address while you’re surfing, simply highlight it and right-click. There’s a new option to view the address on a map. You won’t see this context menu option unless you’ve selected an address.

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Another neat 72 in the Any. do Android app is that it suggests other apps that might help you get a task done if it finds an appropriate keyword in your task or goal. For example, I had a note reminding me to finish writing 72 blog post, and Any. do offered up a list of blogging apps that I might use to complete the task. Handy. Back to Basics The core features in Any. do work just as well as the exciting stuff, although when the app first debuted, it wasn’t quite this way.

Action Mode is a fast paced race of time. High scores for all modes. Hint on demand feature. Full screen option is available. Clausus is an interesting puzzle game for free.

A physics based puzzle game 72 to Blosics. Shoot blocks off the stage, collect money, collect stars to unlock new balls. Use the mouse to aim and shoot a ball.


Use your mouse to play this 277. PhysTris is a physics-based puzzle action innovative game, where your aim is to score as many points as possible, playing at game modes like Lines Out, Color lines and so on.

The falling pieces are physically simulated, giving you completely new degree of experience in this genre.

You click, then the blocks fall, and if there is a combination, it disappears.

All above it falls down, physically.

This way you can create combos and chains, scoring more points than the normal. The fundamental of physics-based 227, will, however, do some nasty things. Figures will never be prefectly-aligned. You should find a way to bump and hit them with other figures.

And if there are nasty placed figures, don’t panic.

The detection algoritms are tollerant and will allow non-perfect combinations. CNET 2 note: The Download Now link will download a small installer file to your desktop.

Remain online and double-click the installer to proceed with the actual download (12MB). 277 Description From SpinTop Games: Find the hidden objects – find the truth.

Something very strange is going on in the town of Mysteryville and as an ace reporter, it’s up to you to find the truth.

It seems the town cats are disappearing under suspicious circumstances. Visit the Mysteryville shops, question the residents, and examine every detail in your search for the answers behind this feline mystery.


Featuring hours of seek and find fun, bizarre characters, and incredible graphics, Mysteryville is a surprising adventure for your senses.

This challenging and innovative take on the Lines concept earns our respect on a number of fronts. As in just about every game in this class, you must line up three like-colored balls to remove all pieces from the board.

However, in Zaxxoids you have to open and close different cells to direct the balls to your desired location. That might sound easy, but in our tests, getting past the first board proved a tricky 277 time-consuming process.

We liked both the polished graphics and the realistic mechanized sound effects. Zaxxoids doesn’t offer its own soundtrack, but makes up for it by letting you listen to your own tunes 72 your favorite jukebox application.

The inclusion of a level editor is a definite plus, but we do wish you could choose to play with the keyboard instead of just the mouse.

Our small complaints aside, Zaxxoids stands as a fine option for puzzle fans seeking a new thrill.

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