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Vadhir Derbez as Pingüino Rey, a hip-hop-like penguin that throws parties at the South Pole. In mid-credits, Tlacua and Cuache, who were lost at sea, unknowingly arrived at the South Pole where seals played with them. Just when Polito was about to fall into the orcas, Toto and family held on to him, but lost grip. The penguin brothers fought and defeated the orcas, but Toto became unconscious. Miguel Rodarte as Barba Roja, the leader of the Barba pirates who hosted a circus after kidnapping a young polar bear and the penguin brothers. In post-credits, the Inspector informed the Barba pirates that he terminated their circus license due to abandonment, and the orcas surrounded them. Humberto Vélez as Inspector, the inspector who constantly threatened to revoke the Barba pirates’ circus license. Oliver Díaz Barba as Max, a playful chick who is Toto and Di’s son and Uly’s twin brother. Rodolfo’s brother and co-director Gabriel Riva has explained the animation process of the film, ensuring the highest quality for the entire franchise with Congelados. Gabriel continued to elaborate on the process, calling it “brutal” and “a technological challenge” and admitted to pushing the rendering department “too hard” in an effort to reach the intended quality.

While climbing the icy mountain, Toto heard Polito’s parents calling for him, and attempted to reach them when a blizzard pushed Toto into the caverns. Marcelo Barceló as Polito, a young polar bear cub who was snatched away from his parents in the South Pole, and whom Toto made a promise to reunite him. Finally, they team up together to reunite Polito to his parents. Unfortunately, the Barba pirates caught up and tried to reclaim Polito, causing another major crack. Arath de la Torre as Barba Jan, a chubby and cowardly member of the Barba pirates with one leg. Mauricio Castillo as Barba Negra, a pirate who wears an eye patch and in charge of handling weaponry. Phillips worked as a session drummer for Jeff Beck, Gary Moore, Michael Schenker, Bernie Marsden, Jon Lord, Nik Kershaw, Mike Oldfield, Judas Priest, Mike Rutherford, Tears for Fears, 10cc, Pete Townshend and The Who. This contained the three new tracks already released on 40 Trips Around the Sun plus completed recordings of four other older tracks featuring Jeff Porcaro on drums and either Mike Porcaro or David Hungate on bass plus other new recordings.

Directly after the release of Toto IV, bassist David Hungate left the band. Returning from Japan, East joined Eric Clapton’s nephew, Will Johns, and The Cream of Clapton Band at their April 30 show in San Diego. Originally, the band wanted to reunite with original vocalist Bobby Kimball to record new songs for a greatest hits record, but the record company instead insisted they hire South African singer Jean-Michel Byron. Artists released by the company include Max Webster, Montrose, Toto, Malice and Rhino Bucket, among others. Bruno Bichir as Toto, a caring, brave, short-tempered, humble rooster who is Di’s husband and Max and Uly’s father. Maite Perroni as Di, a loving, encouraging, brave hen who’s Toto’s wife, and Max and Uly’s mother. Lulú Morán as Mamá Gallina, Toto’s loving mother, Di’s step-mother, and Max and Uly’s grandmother who later died of illness. Mónica Santacruz as Mamá Osa, Polito’s mother who worries for her son. Gabriel Riva Palacio Alatriste as Confi, a Cascarón egg and the most prominent of the eggs who share the same name.

After the success of Un gallo con muchos huevos, Huevocartoon directors and co-founders, Gabriel and Rodolfo Riva Alatriste, has announced two more films to the franchise. The results shown are the aggregate total over two legs unless otherwise noted. While the toilet looks like a Western-style toilet at first glance, there are numerous additional features-such as blow dryer, seat heating, massage options, water jet adjustments, automatic lid opening, automatic flushing, wireless control panel, room heating and air conditioning for the room-included either as part of the toilet or in the seat. Tsunamis are particularly devastating, caused by waves triggered due to volcanic eruptions. In 2006, he was transferred to the Opera prison in Milan and, again due to heart problems, was admitted to the San Paolo hospital in Milan. Doppler radar can pick up such large amounts of information about a storm that this data can be rendered into a 3-D representation of it. And the name, itself an homage to “The Wizard of Oz,” really illuminated the blurred line between hobbyist and scientist among the storm chasing community, which I came to respect.

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